Imam Sought Competent Educational System

Imam Sought Competent Educational System

The founder of the Islamic Republic wanted the Iranian educational system and prestigious universities that could produce experts and specialist for all arenas.

Imam Khomeini once told the government officials and professors that the university should be converted into center of all activities and  play an active  in forming the foundation of the  government and the Islamic system.

The great leader of the Muslim world also emphasized on using skills and expertise of the specialists.

The great Imam wanted to build up a university that could play a positive role and could confront deviated thought and notion

The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted the professors, researchers, Muslim scholars and students to focus on the scientific and spiritual needs and challenges the Muslim world was facing.

Imam Khomeini had constantly been emphasizing on unity between seminary and university in order to achieve the real fruition of the Islamic Revolution and make the country self-sufficient in all perspectives.

From the great Imam’s point of view, unity between seminary and university has been essential and vital in order to achieve the ultimate propose of the Islamic movement and real scientific and intellectual development. 

No doubt, the Islamic revolution of Iran has been formed based on the pure Islamic teachings and has achieved victory due to struggle by figures from both the universities and seminaries. 

Several prominent clerics such as Mofateh and martyr Motahari have been as the clear and true example of unity between seminary and university.

According to Imam’s views, when men of universities and seminaries go along a single path, the society will move towards the cultural, scientific, economic and social progresses. This will also prevent the societies from falling into pits of social and moral decline as well.

The great leader of the Muslim world frequently maintained that whenever men of universities and seminaries have kept distance from each other, enemies have succeeded to do damages to the country.

The basis of unity and solidarity is to revolve around the pivot of Islamic teachings and the great Imam invited all to follow the path of religious, moral and social values in order to gain the true unity.

Imam used to maintain that such a unity will enable the masses and elite to thwart the conspiracies of colonial and exploiting powers. Solidarity between seminaries and universities would neutralize colonial plots and conspiracies in Iran and several other regions of the world.

This unity of great significance will help the Iranian people find their path to scientific and technological development.

The great Imam proposed the important idea of unity between seminaries and universities at a sensitive juncture of history when imperialistic powers were attempting to sow discord between the two ideological and scientific centers in Iran and across the Muslim world.

Prior to victory of the Islamic Revolution, the universities had become center to implement curriculum as dictated by the exploiting and colonial powers. They wanted to installed their own persons who were brain washing the young men souls and minds.

However, Imam issued special guidance to reform the university system following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

Imam also attached importance to the Islamic seminary and university as the two institutions bearing science, knowledge and expertise.  He emphasized that the seminary and university should be together and that they should supplement each other and benefit from each other's capacities.

Imam believed the university systems should become independent and self-sufficient in field of technology and social sciences and should be able to offer their services for the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.

The great leader maintained that reliance on the certain power regarding the education will leave negative impact on all fields of life and make the nation backward for the decades to come.

Imam wanted the university system to become progressive, expand its horizons, extend fields of research and technology which can fulfill all social, scientific and moral needs. Imam also believed that the universities and seminaries must become inspirable and take advantage of each other experiences.

Imam’s utmost efforts bore fruit in coming years and ranking of the Iranian universities and its research institutes were raised among the world recognized system. Iran made an unprecedented level of progress in humanities, social sciences and medical fields over the past few years and is offering services and interacting with intellectual and universities around the globe.

Imam wanted the clerics and university professors to decorate themselves with real spirituality and self- purifications in order to train useful generation and reach the peak of developments.

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