Imam Khomeini Effectively Responded to Communism, Capitalism

Imam Khomeini Effectively Responded to Communism, Capitalism

The founder of the Islamic Republic has had effectively responded to questions raised by the supporters of communism and capitalism against the Islamic revolutions.

The Islamic movement gained victory at a very sensitive juncture of history when the so-called superpowers had divided the world into two political blocs of the East and West.

The former Soviet Union was heading the Eastern bloc while the US-led West was throwing their weight behind countries following their capitalistic agenda.

The supporters of the both blocs were spreading propaganda and Islamophobia against the Iranian Islamic movement by writing piece of opinions against Islam and its followers in the world leading newspapers and magazines.

However, Imam Khomeini, the world religious leader confronted these conspiracies and plots by arguing and giving proper academic response to wrong concepts rose against Islam.

The great Imam delivered several speeches and lectures and released messages to answer each of these objections against the Islamic movement.

The great Imam strongly denounced the remarks by Marx and promoted by communists that the religion was “intoxication” force for societies.

Imam delivered comprehensive speeches and cited from  the Islamic history that Islam was a dynamic, active and justice seeking religion.  Islam confronts brutal forces and stands firm for the oppressed people.

According to Imam , Islam was a complete code of life which provides solution to all jurisprudential, ethical and moral issues.

The democratic-Islamic system established under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini brought prosperity for Iran and the oppressed nations.

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