The Imam issued a congratulatory statement for the birth of Jesus Christ and the start of the New Year

Jesus, a Prophet who resurrected the dead and awakened the sleeping

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Jesus, a Prophet who resurrected the dead and awakened the sleeping

The great leader of the revolution issued a statement to congratulate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ and the start of the New Year. The Imam’s statement was in line with the Islamic teachings and the rich Iranian culture, which recommend respect towards different religions and cultures.

A selection of his statements in the years 1978 and 1979, is shown below:
On the auspicious birthday of Jesus Christ, the honorable Prophet of God, I congratulate the oppressed nations of the world, the Christian nations and our Christian citizens. Jesus Christ was appointed by God to defend the oppressed and to establish justice, he, through his divine sermons and behavior, condemned arrogant powers and the oppressors and protected the poor and the deprived. O church fathers and priests who follow Jesus Christ rise up to defend the oppressed against the claws of the oppressors and tyrants, and for God's sake toll the bells of our churches in favor of the Iranian oppressed and for the condemnation of the oppressors.(December 23,1979)(Sahifeh, vol11, Page: 286)

He also stated the following in another statement:
The Almighty God's greetings and salutations be upon the Holy Christ, son of Mary, the Spirit of God, and the honorable prophet who resurrected the dead and awakened the sleeping! Greetings and salutations of the Great God to his dignified mother, Virgin Mary and virtuous saintly woman, who, through the divine breath, offered such a great son to those who were thirsty for divine mercy! Greetings to the clerics, priests and monks who, through the teachings of Jesus Christ call the rebellious souls to peace! Greetings to the free nation of Christ, who enjoy the divine teachings of Christ, the Spirit of God!......

I request the Christian clerics to advise some of the heads of powerful countries and denounce their support for a person who has turned his back to the divine teachings. The Holy Qur'an has mentioned the name of Holy Christ with magnificence and has purified Holy Mary. It is the duty of the Christian nation to pay their debt to the Muslim nation. Peace [be with you]. ( December 23, 1978)( Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 267)