An Interview with an Indian Author

The Familiarity of the Indian People with Imam Khomeini

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The Familiarity of the Indian People with Imam Khomeini

An Indian author believes that reading Imam Khomeini’s books will cause the familiarity of different people with Islam and Shia.

“L K Sharma” an Indian author in a interview with the news committee said: “At the time of Imam’s demise I was visiting Iran along with the Indian prime minister and seeing a huge number of people wearing black and mourning had surprised me. By seeing this I got aware of the high position of Imam Khomeini among the Iranian people.”

He continued: “Based on the field of my works, there were persons around me who didn’t accept Islam, but after reading Imam’s books and understanding Islam and Shia, now they name it the most complete religion.”

This Indian author pointed to his knowledge about Imam and said: “I haven’t seen Imam in person, but I got to know him through medias, radio and indeed if I hadn’t got to know him this way I would’ve easily gathered information about him because of his great name and fame.”

He referred to the familiarity of the Indian people with Imam’s character and stated: “India is a country with large population and different religions and so knowing one is a bit hard, but about Imam this hasn’t happened and the Indians are quite familiar with this character.”