Imam Khomeini's Message:

Martyrdom of 72 Companions of the Imam and the Nation

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Martyrdom of 72 Companions of the Imam and the Nation

On June 28, 1981 (7 Tir, 1360) a powerful bomb went off at the headquarters of the Iran’s Islamic Republic Party (IRP) in Tehran, while a meeting of party leaders was in progress. Seventy-three leading officials of the Islamic Republic lost their lives, including Chief Justice and party secretary Ayatollah Dr. Mohammad Beheshti, four cabinet ministers (Health, Transport, Telecommunications and Energy ministers), twenty-seven members of the Majlis (Iranian Parliament), and several other government officials. The bomber, who was as a young student and a Mujahedin operative named Mohammad Reza Kolahi, had long ago penetrated into the party. After planting the bomb inside the party building, Kolahi fled the scene before the explosion. Mujahedin-e khalq terrorist organization officially assumed responsibility for this terrorist operation.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Verily, To God We Belong and To Him We Shall Return
A nation that has risen up to administer Islamic justice, to effect the rules of the glorious Qur'an, to cut off the criminal hands of the superpowers and to live independently and freely has prepared itself for martyrdom and for offering martyrs. This nation will not abandon itself to fear of the criminal hands of the superpowers being unfolded through the sleeves of a handful of professional criminals, who martyr the most righteous children of the land. Is not martyrdom a heritage from our masters who viewed life in terms of faith and jihad who safeguard the honorable school of Islam with the blood of their and their dear offspring? Are not honor, dignity and human values invaluable gems to which the righteous predecessors of this school dedicated their lives and the lives of their companions for their safeguard?

Are not we followers of pure ones who gave their lives for the cause? Why should we give way to doubt about the martyrdom of our dear ones? Does the enemy have the power to strip our dear martyrs of their human values and dignity by their crimes? Can the enemies of dignity take away but the earthly robe from the lovers and friends of God? Let these wildbeast who think of nothing but their" I" s and" We" s and who" devour like animals" (Sourah Muhammad 47: 12.) set the lovers of the right path free from the trammels of nature and elevate them to the open space in the proximity of the Beloved.

Shame on you the dregs of the devil, and the hired agents of the international criminals who have gone into hiding and embarked on foolish acts of sabotage against a nation which has risen up to the superpowers. Your big fault and that of your sympathizers is that you are neither aware of Islam and its spiritual power nor of the Muslim nation and its motive for sacrifice. You have not come to know a nation which sacrificed tens of its dear youths to overthrow the wicked Pahlavi regime and emancipate itself from the captivity of the great Satan with exemplary bravery and without turning a hair. You have not understood the nation whose disabled of the war on hospital beds hunker for martyrdom and who invite their companions to martyrdom. You blind hearted, have seen that by martyring the great figures, the rank of the devotees of Islam are more tightly knit and their resolution grow stronger, but still want to sidetrack this selfless nation by martyring our dear ones. As far as you could, you leveled unfair accusations at the children of Islam such as Martyr Beheshti and the dear martyrs of the parliament and the cabinet and insulted them with the intention of driving a wedge between them and the nation. Now that this weapon has backfired, you have retreated into your crannies and engaged in foolish crimes so that you would frighten the martyr-nurturing and selfless people by such horrible acts, but you do not know that in the lexicon of martyrdom the word fear does not exist. Islam still takes pride in these martyrs and martyr-nourishers and proudly calls people to resistance. We are determined to see this face one day and deliver this soul to Him who owns it.

In this great tragedy the Iranian nation lost 72 innocent martyrs as many martyrs as those in Kerbala. The Iranian nation is proud to produce people who devoted themselves to serving Islam and Muslims, while the enemies of people martyred a group who had come together to consult for the interests of the country. The dear nation, these blind-hearted people who claim that they are fighting for the people (It refers to the hypocritical terrorist organization, which has called itself People Mujahidin Organization.), took the lives of active and friendly servants of the people. Let us suppose that you were bitter enemies of martyr Beheshti, who lived innocently and who died and who was a thorn in the side of the enemies of Islam and especially a thorn in your side, what enmity did you have with 27 innocent people many of whom were the best servants of the people and who were staunch opponents of the enemies of the country? Under the pretext of people, you are opposing the nation and paving the way for the Eastern and Western plunderers. Though we lost dear and loyal friends each one of whom was a strong prop and valuable support and though we lost extremely committed brothers who were" hard on the infidels and easy on one another "(Sourah al-Fath 48: 29.) And who were strong buttress and fruitful tree for the oppressed nation and for the institutions of the revolution, the roaring flood of the people and the breaking waves of the nation, with unity and trust in the Omnipotent God will compensate for any shortcoming. With its trust in God, the Iranian nation will push ahead like a raging sea, stand the superpowers and their residues in stalwart rows (Firm and solid.) and send you helpless ones who have concealed yourselves in crannies and are clutching at straws to the hell. The great God will back this nation and its people.

Once more I extend my condolences and congratulations to Hadrat Baqiyyullah (May our souls be sacrificed for him), the oppressed nations of the world and the nation of Iran on this great loss. I share with the honorable and dear families of these martyrs in their sorrow and beseech God to grant enormous mercy to these oppressed ones and patience to their respected families. May God's mercy and endless salutations be on the martyrs of the revolution from 15 Khordad 42 to 7 Tir 60, and peace and greetings to the people oppressed of the world and the oppressed people of Iran throughout history.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

Sahifeh, vol. 15, Page: 1-3
Date: June 30, 1981 [Tir 9, 1360 AHS/ Sha`ban 27, 1401 AH]