The Religious Minorities at Jamaran Husseinieh (Part I)

Imam Brought a Development to All Religions

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Imam Brought a Development to All Religions

Representatives of religious minorities emphasized on Imam’s aspiration of unity among the Iranian nation in their meeting with Sayyid Hassan Khomeini.

According to the News Committee of Imam’s Commemoration a number of our religious minorities visited the Jamaran Husseinieh and Imam’s house and gallery and along by meeting Sayyid Hassan Khomeini they renew their allegiance with the aspirations of Imam Khomeini.

The Jews’ representative: The position of this Husseinieh is higher than any palace.
During this ceremony Rabbi Golestani said: “I’m honored to be among you and at the house of our great Imam who is in the heavens and I’m sure he is listening to us, I’m honored to represent the Jews of Iran in here and I believe that the position of this Husseinieh is higher than any palace, because it reminds everyone how to live simple.”

He continued by saying an interpretation of the Torah: “A union which is only made for the God will remain forever. This is a reality that the words of the great Imam who had reached to great levels when he had 27 will remain forever.”

“Imam was alone, but a group of the world was following him. Today when his name is heard every one is joyous.” said the Jewish representative.

He mentioned that Imam brought a transportation in religion through Iran and said: “I confess that a lot of Jews weren’t paying attention to their religion, but when Imam came to Iran they were revived.”

Rabbi Golestani stated: “When thoughts are divine they will remain forever and the Imam is eternal and now that he has passed away, his acts are remained for us and we shall use them.”

Head of the Zoroastrian Community: All the religions of Iran were united during the revolution.
In continue, Dr. Khosroviani, head of the Zoroastrian Community of Iran, said: “When I entered this place it look too small to me. I told myself, this isn’t where Imam had been, because it looked bigger and more glorious in TV.”

He added: “But now I can see how glorious it is when Imam had talked in this small place with the people. We shouldn’t look for luxuries but we should look for the reality and spirituality.”

 The Zoroastrian representative mentioned Imam’s sayings that monotheism is the religion of all of us, Iran is the country of all of us and we are a united nation and said: “This saying of Imam is his eternal word. Imam saw every one as a united nation and never differed between different religions. Imam’s discussion was about having a united nation and believing in monotheism.”

He then continued: “All the religions of Iran participated and united for having a revolution, they all gave martyrs for this revolution, the fought for their country and devoted their life.”

The Zoroastrian representative emphasized that we should all try for the improvement of our country and it’s not important that to what religion we believe, our only goal is the greatness of Iran.