Dr. Hassan Khachfe

Imam Khomeini Shaped Our Life

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Imam Khomeini Shaped Our Life

An interview with Dr. Hassan Khachfe, a university professor with a specialty in molecular medicine biophysics and molecular medicine from Lebanon who had come to Iran to attend in Imam Khomeini’s commemorations.

Dr. Khachfe started: "Growing up in a country like Lebanon it was with all perspective of Imam Khomeini and Islamic revolution that shaped our lives and for the last thirty years without the revolution and the Islamic republic of Iran headed by imam Khomeini the rise of Islam couldn’t take the correct shape as it was supposed to be in special Muslim privacy."

He evaluated the relation between Islamic awakening and Imam Khomeini’s point of view and said: "It is apparent at least in the last one hundred years that the Islamic awakening couldn’t take place without the presence of Imam Khomeini.It is by all means and aspects that Imam Khomeini built indeed such basis for not necessarily the revolutionary Islam but Islam that is supposed to take over people’s life in a straight and correct manner the life that Allah intended to have for us. Imam Khomeini’s view in simple terms, by going against the corrupt, supporting the oppressed in going against “Batil” (false) in all aspects with “Hagh” (truth) is the beginning of Islamic awakening and awareness."

Dr. Hassan Khachfe then told us how he got familiar with Imam Khomeini’s point of view: "As I mentioned before I was approximately nine years old when the revolution took place in Iran and I understood the revolution began in the sixteenth, but during the time of the Islamic revolution I was nine years old, it was the beginning of my understanding of Islam. I am the youngest in my family so everybody else was taking pride of such a movement and then the progress of the revolution and setting up of the Islamic republic was exemplary a model for everybody from the family that we live, and to the extent that we would like to have."

He continued: "Along the way some unfortunate event happened to us like the Israeli occupation in Lebanon and the operation that we had during these days without the presence of the Islamic revolution and Islamic republic of Iran headed by Imam Khomeini and leaded by Imam Khamenei we could not have stood up for the oppressors and we could not have succeeded in kicking out Israel. So the Islamic resistant in south Lebanon was a fruit of the Islamic revolution of Iran."

Khachfe talked about the Islamic Awakening: "The Islamic awakening or revolutions that we see these days are pretty much relying on the Western countries’ helps to succeed if we take the example of Islamic revolution in Iran it is the best model for inside out process not a procedure like a recipe taken from an outsider. These people should be awakened, they should be taught, these people should be trained either using social groups , NGOs whatever type of societies to become their own supporters and take on their own revolution we cannot rely on any other country particularly if the people have to preserve their pride."

At the end he added: "One good example of teachings of Imam Khomeini is that he used to support the oppressed with respect. To what kind of oppressed we have, sometimes we have rich but oppressed sometimes we have poor but oppressed person, so taking that as an example, taking that as a model, the people of those countries should rely on themselves. Maybe take some support from real but descent countries like Iran for example, who is not waiting for return, it is like economical perspective return or investment in some resort they own. Iran owns the investment in those revolutions to get the oppressed out of their oppression. As I see now it is a procedure."