Qazi Qoreishi

Imam Khomeini’s Dream Will Come True in a Near Future

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Imam Khomeini’s Dream Will Come True in a Near Future

Qazi Qoreishi studied law in India as well as in England. In India he became an advocate of Mumbai high court in 1949 and in 1959 he graduated in law in London. He practiced law since 1949 until 1951. When in Mumbai in 1960, a new high court existed which he practiced and became judge there. He retired from high court judgeship in August of 1989. Below you will find his responses in an interview.

Qazi Qoreishi pointing to how he got to know about Imam Khomeini and his political idea said: "In my study for M.A I took the subject of Islamic culture, in there I studied a lot about Islam, Islam’s history, Islam’s philosophy, Islam’s jurisprudence and everything about Islam, in there I had the occasion for studying Persian and therefore I have special love for Iran. When Iran was being suppressed by the West I was feeling very bad but when Imam Khomeini came and when he brought the Islamic revolution I felt that there is a chance of revival of Islamic independence so I consider Imam Khomeini as the person who was sent by God for building a new society in entire Islamic world which now consist of about 54 countries of the world."

While talking about the Shias in India, Qureishi said: "Imam Khomeini for them is one of the leaders of the Islamic world but now there is a realization that Imam Khomeini had started a revolution and has brought about a revolution in Iran and that is going into other Muslim countries and therefore Imam Khomeini’s message is going to other Muslim countries other than Iran and then therefore he is considered a person who brought about the renewal of faith of Islam."

He mentioned the Islamic Awakening: "I think it is taking place very rapidly in all Muslim countries in improving Arab and many other countries so this awakening is coming and now the realization that the imperialism of the western countries of America and Europe they have been exploring the Muslim countries and are suppressing the feeling of liberty that is the revival of the message of Imam Khomeini."

Qazi Qureishi added: "I think the effect of Imam Khomeini’s message will be in the world in all 54 Muslim countries and I think gradually they will be able to be independent but there is a long time that the western and imperialism are reclining in the Muslim countries."

Mentioning that Imam Khomeini’s message of unity for Muslims is a message which is the need of the time, he said: "It is a hard time that Muslims have for their survival and for the survival of Islam as a religion and as a way of life. It is necessary that Muslim countries should not allow themselves to be exploited by the western imperialist countries and therefore they should come together."

"I have also the opinion that Imam Khomeini’s message will eventually succeed because that is the need of the time that is what Muslims need and that is what the world needs. And therefore, I have found that Imam Khomeini’s message will spread out and Muslim world will come closer and closer but for that a lot of work will have to be done by many Muslim countries but I think Iran is somewhere that is never surrounded by the western imperialism." continued Qureishi.

"Iran is against American harsh actions, so Iran has shown in the past that the world super powers will not be able to dominate over Islamic countries and Islamic countries can be independent in fact they must come together under the leadership of Iran. They should try to come together and forget their differences Shia and Sunni and all those other differences are small points basically we are one." said Qazi Qureishi.

At the end he said: "Islam's message is one for the whole of the humanity and therefore Muslims must come together. I have no doubt that Imam Khomeini’s dream will come true in a near future. Thank you very much"