Imam wanted the Muslims to be United

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Imam wanted the Muslims to be United

Abdolmarzooq, a Sri Lankan lawyer who is also a judge was interviewed by Imam Khomeini English Portal.

Abdolmarzooq mentioning how he got familiar with Imam Khomeini said: "When I went to university I read the revolution’s news in articles in the paper. I was very interested in news regarding Imam political and revolution’s messages. I used to know how the revolution took place, and the Islamic revolution movement for supporting Iran and applied for joining in that movement then we propagated among the Muslims and we supported and we participated in many seminars, TV shows and several issues and I've written my articles regarding Iran’s revolution and Imam Khomeini after that I had a sympathy toward Iran expected from an Islamic country Islam under the pressure of America and imperialism so we had this image when we were waiting for that opportunity, so we saw Imam and Imam’s revolution and then we worked on that part. The day that the revolution was successful I started to support the revolution."

He evaluated Imam Khomeini’s role in the Islamic awakening and added: "After Iran's revolution the Islamic countries mostly became puppets, each a puppet of one of the superpowers. We had Islam, but we had no Islamic country in the world so when Imam started the revolution in Iran and the revolution was successful the other nations came to know the Islamic revolution. The people got inspired on that, they expected some country will live as to the Imam’s revolution. Muslims wanted the Palestinian issue be settled down, aggressions be controlled and the Muslims be awakened with the message of Imam’s revolution. After Imam's revolution only in the Islamic world even every little part of Muslims became awakened to work for the revolution and against America the super power that wants to win, but Allah will give a chance for the Muslims to unite again and work toward the establishment of Islam and Islamic politics in the world.  So I noted that soon after the revolution how Iran reacted and started the Islamic politics. Iranians are still going forward and progressing they are very happy about that and in Sri Lanka minority of Muslims are very happy about Iran, but we were very sad that why Islamic world doesn’t have any superpowers. But after Imam came, I realized that Iran is going to be the Islamic superpower. I believe that we are going to protect the Muslims in the world and Allah will be honored in the world."

Abdalmarzooq pointed to the general perspective in Sri Lanka about Imam and said: "Imam Khomeini finds the respect among my people and is regarded as the leader and people are talking about him but there are differences between the people, the majority are the Sunnis and among them there are groups that they work against Muslims unity there, but the majority of people accepted that he is a leader he is a revolutionary leader that brought light to the world that is no doubt what everybody accepted but because of their philosophy or because of their background they are not revealing this to the public or they are not saying it in the public. Yet the reality is that everybody accepted Imam was the leader and a successful leader."

Abdolmarzooq naming the Muslim Unity as the most prominent idea of Imam, said: "Imam Khomeini’s prominent idea that I like is the unity of the Muslims. Imam wanted the Muslims to be united on the basis of Islam and religious life."