Translation of a Book into 3 Languages

"The Era of Imam Khomeini"

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"The Era of Imam Khomeini"

Along with the programs of producing media products in the format of films, documentaries and clips to introduce the characteristics of Imam Khomeini, "The Era of Imam Khomeini" is being translated into Arabic, Urdu and English.

The detailed book, The Era of Imam Khomeini, after being translated into English, Urdu and Arabic and will be available for those interested in characteristics of Imam Khomeini's era in other countries.

According to Jamaran news agency, declaring this news, Hujatulislam Seraji, the secretary of the "Era of Imam Khomeini" program, said: "Along with the programs to be done, we plan to produce media products in the format of films, documentaries, clips and… ."

He also added: "Executing an exposition titled as "The Era of Imam Khomeini" was one of the issues we have done in the ceremonies of Imam's demise anniversary with the cooperation of Qum's ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and we try to execute these expositions in the universities and scientific-cultural centers."

He remarked: "There were procedures in the extent of research and the results will be published as a book or an especial edition. The translation of "The Era of Imam Khomeini" into three languages of Arabic, Urdu and English for those who are interested to know the characteristics of the era of Imam Khomeini is what we are doing in this extent."

It is notable that the concise book of "The Era of Imam Khomeini" has been translated in Arabic previously.