Imam Khomeini Guaranteed Rights of Minorities

Imam Khomeini Guaranteed Rights of Minorities

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic has had taken serious steps to ensure the basic rights of minorities.

The great leader of the Muslim world once told a gathering of reporters that the freedoms and basic human and civil rights have been completely protected by the constitution of the Islamic Republic.

Imam made remarks among journalists from Britain, Africa, Asia and other regions of the world attending a press briefing in the holy city of Qom. 

The great spiritual leader had often repeated preserving the rights and civil liberties of the minorities living across Iran. Imam used to say that they were enjoying the equal rights like all other Iranian citizens.

Imam had given the relevant authorities and officials special instruction about shielding the minorities’ rights and insisted that they must live with peace, welfare and freedom across the Islamic Republic.

Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians and followers of other religions enjoy broader freedom for their religious and social rituals across the country.  

The Islamic Republic under the wise leadership of Imam had taken serious steps in order to maintain equality among its citizens and eradicated any type of racism. Imam used to advise that the Iranian ethnic groups should all contribute to the progress and live peacefully together.  

Imam believed in unity among all Muslim and non-Muslim nations under the flag of monotheism to confront the powers who were exploiting the rights of the oppressed nations. 

Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-democratic system which aimed at bringing independence, freedom, and civil liberties for the Iranians and all other oppressed nations across the globe.

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