‘Saudi blame game tarnishes own image’

‘Saudi blame game tarnishes own image’

Iran has warned that the blame game Saudi Arabia is over the recent deadly stampede in Mina, near the holy Saudi city of Mecca, is tarnishing its own image.

"[The Saudi] obstinacy, [playing a] blame game and shirking its heavy responsibility for the death of several thousand pilgrims of the House of God will further tarnish Saudi Arabia’s image in the world,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, said on Tuesday, Press TV reported.

She added that poor management and lack of foresight on the part of Saudi officials caused the deadly incident in Mina.

The head of Iran's Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, Saeed Ohadi, said on Tuesday that 239 Iranian pilgrims have so far been confirmed dead while 241 others are still missing.

Ohadi has estimated that the total death toll from the crush could reach 4,700.


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