Al Saud source of terrorism, Takfirism

Al Saud source of terrorism, Takfirism

Prominent Muslim scholars have said that the Saudi monarchy is sources all Takfiri militant groups which are causing havoc across several countries.

Sheikh Sohaib Habli,a prominent cleric from Lebanon said in an interview that the Saudi regimehas been throwing its weight and support behind all militant groups who are triggering chaos in several countries, especially in Iraq and Syria.

He also went onto say that the Takfirism and their extremist ideas are destined to defeat and doomed to fail.

Elsewhere in his remarks,   he emphasized that contrary to Saudi regime, Iran has been playing a great role in creating and boosting unity among the entire Muslim ummah.

He went onto say that the unity among Muslim societies could not be accomplished unless some government within Islamic countries give up their affiliation and dependence on Saudi monarchy

Meanwhile, Seyyed Mohammad Nour al-Zaki, another Muslim cleric from Sudan voiced concerns that the Muslim countries instead of establishing close ties, have been adopting a policy of confrontation against eachother.

He also said that some external powers have been meddling into affairs of the Islamic countries which has led to divide and strife.

Pointing to a great significance of the Islamic revolution, al-Zaki noted that Iran has been put to right track and its people and leaders have undertaken serious efforts to establish unity and harmony among the entire Muslim ummah since the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Sheikh Abdul Khalifq Hamadi, an Iraqi researcher also told the Jamaran news agency that the entire Muslim world is facing greatest challenge of confronting these terrorist and militant groups.

Hamadi insisted that these groups were created by foes and enemies of the Muslim world to cause divisions and cracks among the Muslim societies.  

The developments come as Terrorist groups such as Daesh, al-Qaeda and several of their affiliates are carrying out terrorist activities in various parts of the world.

Daesh and some other terrorist groups have been committing crimes against all ethnic and religious communities across Iraq and Syria.

The volunteer forces and Popular Mobilization Units, which were formed after the rise of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, have the government armed forces currently battling to win back militant-held regions.

Saudi Arabia is accused of funding, arming and providing logistic support to these terrorist groups.

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