Imam warned against sacrilegious acts

Imam warned against sacrilegious acts

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic warned those colonial-backed figures who were disrespecting or insulting divine values and religions.

Imam KHomeini issued a historic decree against disgraceful figure Salman Rushdieand strongly denounced his sacrilegious and blasphemous acts against Muslims and the peaceful divine religion of Islam.

The figures such as Salman Rushdie are being harbored by colonial powers who seek to spread divide and strife and ignite unrest among the followers of various religions.

Salman Rushdie in his writings have repeatedly and intentionally used sacrilegious expressions against the Islam and Muslims. This goes against all ethical, moral and human norms and practices.

Experts believe that Salman Rushdie has had no deep knowledge of Islam or other divine religions, and committed such criminal and offensive acts just to gain quick and cheap reputation

Imam Khomeini strongly slammed the blasphemous move by Rushdie and warned such figures against committing acts which are deemed offensive to the followers of divine religions.

Salman Rushdie’s acts and sacrilegious writings were also strongly condemned by the world intellectuals and academics belonging to various faiths and religions.

Imam frequently emphasized tolerance, mutual respect and peaceful co-existence of all followers of sects and religions.

Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader, is considered the champion of the unity among all Islamic sects and the followers of all religions.

Imam Khomeini invited all devotees to unite under the banner of monotheism in order to confront the conspiracies and plots being hatched by the colonial and arrogant powers. The agents like Rushdie are harbored by colonial powers who are against spirituality and human values.

Imam Khomeini revived the religious, spiritual and divine values in recent history when the world had plunged into social and moral decline.

Imam Khomeini’s personality and his divine legacy is widely respected by followers of all religions, entire Muslim world and the oppressed nations. Imam taught all believers to defend the divine cause despite all hurdles and troubles.

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