Imam Khomeini’s divine-oriented recommendation

Imam Khomeini’s divine-oriented recommendation

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic has left several works which contain treasures of mysticism.

Imam sent several letters and pieces of writings for his siblings, friends and people within his circles which contain divine oriented advises and recommendations.

Imam’s works such as an exposition on Forty Hadith, an exposition on Hadith of hosts of intellect and ignorance, disciplines and secrets of prayers, combat with the self, consist very deep insightful and mystical and divine oriented epistemology.

For an instance, addressing to his son Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini, Imam Khomeini in introduction part of his book “the discipline of prayers” recommends that he must continue to pave divine path to such an extent which is possible for him.

Expert believe that Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader has had been a mystic of a great caliber in contemporary history and era.

Imam had accomplished the climaxes of genuine and pure mysticism by decorating himself with great divine attributes, virtues and characteristics. He revived the religious, spiritual and divine values at a sensitive juncture of history when the world had been plunged into social and moral decline.

Imam’s religious, social, spiritual, cultural and political thought and ideals have always been appealing to followers of all divine religions, as his knowledge is deeply rooted and extracted form divine sources.

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