Institute launches mobile version of Imam Khomeini’s works

Institute launches mobile version of Imam Khomeini’s works

An advanced mobile version of a digital library, which contains almost all works by the late founder of the Islamic Republic, has been launched.

The version contains all works and books of Imam Khomeini have been equipped with search and several other advance options.  

The soft ware has been developed as a result of close coordination by the institute for compilation of Imam Khomeini’s works and engineers from the research center for information technology of the Shairf University.  

The institute is sole official and authentic source for compilation of Imam’s works and his academic legacy.  

It is worthy to mention that the international department of the institute has produced several of Imam’s works in digital forms. Dozens of Imam’s woks are now available on CDs diskettes and other forms.  

Imam has left several works in a range of fields including Quran,  Hadith, philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, poetry and literature. 

Several of Imam’s works have also translated into various languages in recent year. 

Imam Khomeini’s ideals and divine legacy are becoming increasing popular in various parts of the globe.

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