Imam Khomeini confronted sectarian strife, promoted unity

Imam Khomeini confronted sectarian strife, promoted unity

An internationality- reputed scholar from Thailand says the late founder of the Islamic Republic confronted all types of sectarian strife between Sunni and Shia Muslims

 He also said that Imam Khomeini promoted unity among Muslims at a sensitive juncture of history.

Our website staff has conducted an interview with the scholar who attended 27th passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian capital, Tehran. What comes following is the rough transcription of the interview.

Q:  Could you please introduce yourself?

Dr somchai: My name is Drsomchai. I am from Thailand, but I have Muslim name, zeinalabedinebnemusa.

So talking about Imam Khomeini, I think he was great person. His ideology and ideals were very wide and wise. I just point out to two of them.

On the one hand, he tried to unite Muslims all over the world together because you know we follow Quran: all Muslims are brothers and to myself believe in it. I don’t call myself Sunni or Shia; I am Muslim that’s all. And that’s my attitude personally.

Secondly, I think about economic perspective as Imam Khomeini encouraged eradicating poverty. I give this too importance because my own back ground is economic.  I have been very impressed about what he said about poor. According to Imam Khomeini, there is no worship better than help to deprived people.

The worldly affairs are closely connected and associated with the life hereafter.  We have to work we have to change. God won’t change anybody unless they change themselves. So you must develop yourself. And try to be a better man and help other people and this is what Imam Khomeini said.

Q:  What are the main features of imam that differ him from the other great leaders in the world?

Dr somchai:  Some outlets and platforms are spreading wrong propaganda against Imam. He was great leader with religious characteristic and great man in contemporary history. 

Q:  How do you feel Imam Khomeini’s movement effect on the whole world?

Dr somchai: So I think we have to educate people and Muslims about the way he lived and about his ideals and thought.  The other thing is try to overcome the barrier between Sunni and Shias. Imam Khomeini maintained that differences between Islamic sects shouldn’t harm their unity and harmony.

The differences don’t mean that we have to fight with each other while in fact we can go with each other. So I think if you do it more and more to introuduce about imam Khomeini’s movement and try to bring his ideology and philosophy to educate more and more Muslims in the world.  I think it would a good strategy and help uniting Muslims.You know when I was younger and heard about Islamic revolution of Iran, many young people in my country became excited.

Q:  How the Islamic revolution of Iran left impact on your country?

Dr somchai:   Following the emergence and victory of the Islamic Revolution under leadership of Imam, a widespread false propaganda was launched to tarnish its image.  By the passage of time, people came to know the positive perspectives of the revolution and its merits for the Islamic societies.

Q:  Considering Imam’s thought and strategy, how do Islamic countries and nations get over the nowadays crisis?

Dr somchai: Some colonial powers are creating crisis and pursuing their vicious agenda in Islamic countries such as in Syria. The crisis in Syria has resulted in loss of numerous lives and displaced huge numbers.  

The countries such as Saudi Arabia are also fueling sectarian divide.

I believe Sunni and Shia Muslims should become united as directed by Imam Khomeini, and can solve all problems through negotiations

Q:  As a final question how do you describe Imam just in few words?

Dr somchai: When you listen to what he said you can understand how great figure he has been in contemporary era.

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