Freedom of expression elevates society

Freedom of expression elevates society

A grandson of the late founder of the Islamic Republic says freedom of expression provides grounds for elevation of society.

Addressing a summit titled “Imam Khomeini, religious government and people’s rights”, Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini said that if people are tasked with carrying out certain duties, then the society would have also responsibility to provide suitable circumstances for implementation of these obligations.

Refereeing to Imam Khomeini’s historic words regarding the participation of the women in social affairs and arenas, internationally-reputed Muslim scholar stressed that society has grave accountability to provide conditions for the women’s contribution in societal matters.

Imam Khomeini once had said in his historic address that “women must participate in social matters.” 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Seyyed Hassan Khomeini went onto say that society has responsibility to provide proper conditions for performance of duties such as engaging in resolving Muslim problems, the principle of commanding for good and forbidding from bad and other similar matters.   

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Muslim scholar pointed out that Imam Khomeini used to describe constructive criticism as a reflection of God’s mercy.

It is worthy to mention that the late founder of the Islamic Republic attached great significance to people’s rights issues as the term has been used among Imam’s works and messages for several thousands of times.

It is mention to worthy that the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979 and establishment of Islamic-democratic system enhanced people’s rights and promoted right to free speech and media freedom.

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