“Iran’s holy lady” documentary wins award at 36th Fajr festival

“Iran’s holy lady” documentary wins award at 36th Fajr festival

“Iran’s holy lady”, a well-known documentary which portrays biography of Imam Khomeini wife, lady Khadija Saqafi, wins award at 36the Fajr film festival’.

The movie which sketches the spiritual and divine personality of Imam’s wife has won several awards and prizes at several festivals over the past few years.

The movie shows how lady Khadija Saqafi contributed to the Islamic Revolution by standing behind Imam through all thin and thick times during the historic struggle against Shah regime.

Meanwhile, closing ceremony of 36th edition of Fajr Film festival is underway in Iran. The 10-day event screened top Iranian films competing for the top prize. Since its inauguration, cinemas across the capital Tehran have seen huge crowds of movie fans jam-packing cinema halls.

Attendees are awarded during the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran of the 2018 year, which marks the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The ceremony was attended by Iranian cinema managers, cineastes, political figures, and national and international special guests.

Each year, the festival schedule includes the screening of several films every day during the 10-day of dawn

Some best fiim are picked up for award and prizes. 

A brief biography of Imam’s life

Imam Khomeini's dear wife, lady Khadija Saqafi, belonged to a family of clergymen. She was born in Tehran in 1913. Her late father, Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Saqafi, who wrote the exegesis Tafsir Javan, was one of the great scholars of his time and was a student of the grand Ayatollah Hae'rri Yazdi. Her great grandfather was Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani, who was a genius in his era and wrote the famous book "Shafa Al-Sodoor" which described 'Ziyarat-e-Ashura'.

Imam Khomeini's wife was very intelligent, and showed great interest in pursuing her studies. After their marriage, the Imam taught her Howza studies for fifteen years. Imam Khomeini always encouraged his wife to study and helped her a great deal. She got her diploma and learnt French at school, and learnt Arabic from Imam Khomeini. Even after they were deported from Iran to Iraq, she still wanted to continue her studies. She was well versed in Persian poetry and literature, such that when she grew older, she could still recite many poems off by heart.

The Imam and his wife got married in the month of Ramadan in 1929, and in the Shah Abdul Azim mosque. They had eight children: three sons and five daughters. Three of their children died during their childhood.

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