Imam Khomeini, a true man of God, lived simple and modest lifestyle

Imam Khomeini, a true man of God, lived simple and modest lifestyle

 Imam Khomeini who had brought about one of the greatest revolutions of this century lived in a simple house with the barest essentials, and he ate simple food.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic had adopted very simple life as he opted to live in a very simply-built residence which has now become a site for visit by thousands of pilgrims, tourists and intellectual form across Iran and various parts of the globe.

Devotees and believers around the globe have been deeply impressed by Imam Khomeini’s simple and modest lifestyle and decorated himself by leading a modest and simple life. 

The great Muslim leader led the Islamic revolution by described himself a servant of the nation.  

Only a true man of God could live like this. Professor Hamid Algar, quotes a favourite du'a of the Imam from the Munajat-e Shabanniyyah: 'O Allah! Grant me total separation from other than You and brighten the vision of our hearts with the vision of looking upon You. So they may pierce the veil of light and attain the fountainhead of magnificence, and our spirits be suspended from the splendor of Your sanctity.' 

Imam Khomeini truly exemplified the true and genuine teachings of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors in his lifestyle.

The great figure put emphasis on the importance of self-purification and attaining the proximity to Allah , the Almighty, before he began lecturing his students on intellectualism and academic issues. 

Imam Khomeini on various occasions in this regard said as following:

We must take this family as our role model, our women should try to emulate their women, and our men their men. All of us should learn from all of them. They dedicated their lives to the support of the oppressed and to the revival of the divine traditions. We should follow their example and dedicate our lives to them. He who knows the history of Islam, knows that each member of this family was a perfect human being, even more than that, a divine being, a spiritual person who rose up for the people and for the oppressed against those who sought to destroy them.

11 April 1979 (22 Farvardin 1358 AHS) 

Describing divine virtues of Hadrat Fatima and her divine-oriented life style, Imam Khomeini once said as following:

This small house of Fatima’s, upon whom be peace, and these people reared there, who numbered four or five, in reality manifested all the power of God the Exalted. They rendered services at which all of us, all of mankind, marvel.

9 March 1982 (18 Isfand 1360 AHS)

A woman in a small room of a humble home nurtured human beings whose light shone from the vast expanse of the earth to the highest heavens, from this world to the next. May the blessings and peace of God the Exalted be upon this small room, which was the place where the light of divine majesty was made manifest and was the nursery of the elite children of mankind.

14 April 1982 (25 Farvardin 1361 AHS)

When he passed away, the Imam left behind nothing except a few books.

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