US failure in Tabas paved way for further unity of Iranian nation

US failure in Tabas paved way for further unity of Iranian nation

April 25, 1980 is unforgettable for the Iranian nation because on this day the Iranian people were blessed by the Almighty in the face of the enemy's plot and conspiracy.

Tabas incident in 1980 paved the way for further unity and solidarity of Iran's revolutionary forces, while also proving Islamic Revolution's righteousness throughout the international community.

The Tabas operation was launched by US military on Iranian soil in an attempt to release former US embassy staff held in Tehran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

In fact, with divine blessings, US military aggression was doomed to fail.

Throughout the course of this incident, the true ominous visage of the enemy was revealed more than ever and the divine nature of Islamic Revolution was proved to the international community. 

Meanwhile, despite precise planning, usage of advanced equipment, and numerous exercises that the Americans had done in similar locations, this military assault failed due to occurrence of a sand storm throughout the deserts in the vicinity of the city of Tabas, central Iran.

In fact, this sand storm unveiled the ugly visage of Washington's rulers and displayed their clear aggression, which was in violation to international rules and regulations.

This day will also showed that sole reliance on military equipment in confrontation with faithful people will not bring about victory. 

Following the US’ scandalous defeat, Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic said in a historic message as following.

“O the combatant nation of Iran! You heard about the American military intervention. You also heard about the excuses of Carter. I have repeatedly told that Carter will do every wrong and commit every crime, even the world he will set to fire only to reach the presidency of America. Now the evidences of that are appearing one after another. Carter’s mistake is in his conjecture. He thinks that he can make the Iranian nation to go astray from the way of God and humanity. By this foolish display he presumes that the Iranian nation will retreat while the nation of Iran is ready to sacrifice everything for Islam, independence and freedom. Carter has not realized as to what nation he is in confrontation with and what school?” ( Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.12, page 223-224)

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