Imam Khomeini’s efforts facilitated peaceful co-existence of various religions

Imam Khomeini’s efforts facilitated peaceful co-existence of various religions

Rostam Khosroyani, a Zoroastrian leader made the remarks in a statement released on the 29th departure anniversary of the father of Islamic Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic, the Imam Khomeini.

The head of Zoroastrian association said that a peaceful coexistence of followers of various regions have been result of untiring efforts of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

He went onto say that solidarity, unity and coherence among all followers of relgions has been another accomplishment of the Islamic Revolution which gained victory under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979.

Khosroyani stated that Zoroastrian people don’t see themselves devoid of the Iranian society, but will remain actively present in all arenas and fields of life.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khosroyani noted that Imam Khomeini had been a constant supporter of the oppressed people of the world and had insisted on expression of unity and wanted to direct all humans towards guidance and formation of a united society. 

Imam Khomeini used to emphasize that religious minorities including Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians and followers of all faiths enjoy a great level of social welfare and privileges in Iran.

 The founder of the Islamic Republic said time and again that all minorities groups are free to express their beliefs across the country. Islam follows logic and is fully capable of answering all questions raised by individuals or groups.

The divine leader kept all his promises over guarantying and shielding rights of minorities and insisted his stance during several interviews conducted by local and international media outlets.

The spiritual leader had also issued special instruction for relevant authorities and legislative bodies to attach special significance to the minorities’ rights while drafting constitution.

Imam had once told a gathering of reporters that the freedoms and basic human and civil rights have been completely protected by the constitution of the Islamic Republic.

The freedom that the religious minorities enjoy in Iran is unparalleled in the world as the Jews and Christians can practice their religious rituals freely.

Iran is an Islamic republic but Iranians are not solely Muslim? There's also Zoroastrians, Christians and Jews in this country, as recognized religious minorities, free to practice their own rites and rituals.

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