Imam AIi (PBUH) Spent all of His Life for Divine Cause

Imam AIi (PBUH) Spent all of His Life for Divine Cause

Imam Ali bin Abi-Talib, Amir al-Mu'minin peace be upon him, spent each moment of his pure life in accordance with divine cause and will and departed from this life as a martyr on 21st Ramadan, AH 40.

The holy prophet of Islam had already predicted that Imam Ali (PBUH) would be assassinated by the most ignorant and cruel people.

The pure progenies of the holy prophet of Islam and his truthful successor Imam Ali (peace be upon them) had undertaken serious struggle to shield Islam and Muslims from any type of internal and external dangers after emergence of Islam. They remained at forefront of intellectual efforts and spread divine teachings and raised awareness among the Muslim society.

Imam Ali also defended the Islam society against threats posed by unbelievers and foes in very early years of Islam and safeguarded the Muslims against external dangers and internal seditions in very tough times.

Several scholars and intellectuals believe that Imam Ali was assassinated by ignorant enemies due to his extreme desire for implementation of justice in the society. He led a life of an ordinary man even after he became caliph of the Muslims.

Imam Ali (PBUH) had spent each moment of his life to spread divine knowledge, equality and justice. He struggled very hard to remove poverty and inequality from the Muslim societies.

Several collections of some beautiful spiritual supplication and Nahj al-Balaghah has been left by the Imam Ali (PBUH) which contain a unique spiritual and divine treasures.

Imam Ali (PBUH) had also prophesied his departure from this world several days before. Ali was struck by an assassin who mortally wounded the Holy Imam in the Kufa Mosque and by a poisonous sword, Imam survived for two days before martyrdom in Kufa on the 21st of Ramadan in 661AD.

His martyrdom happened on the holy nights of destiny or measure (Laylatul al-Qadr).

The sacred night is also known as night of decree or majesty' and it commemorates the period when God the Almighty revealed the sacred scripture of holy Quran to honorable prophet of Islam.

God the merciful mentions virtues of this night and the Holy Scripture in some of the Quranic verses.

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic urged the Muslim societies to follow foot-steps of the holy prophet of Islam and his truthful infallible successor Imam Ali (peace be upon them).

Imam Ali (PBUH) is a complete code of life and his conduct will continue to lead the humanity towards spiritual peace in this world and bring them salvation hereafter.

Imam Khomeini frequently invited the youths, individuals and government officials to stick to the principals practiced by the infallible honorable prophet and Imams such as Imam Ali and their pure progeny.

Imam Ali intellectual heritage will continue to guide the Muslim youths and societies for the coming centuries. 


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