Imam Khomeini’s Birth Brought Light of Hope for Muslim World

Imam Khomeini’s Birth Brought Light of Hope for Muslim World

Imam Khomeini’s birth in the beginning of the twentieth century proved a light of hope latter years for the, deprived people, the Iranian nation and the whole world of Islam.

Ruhullah Musawi Khomeini was born on 20 Jamadi al-Akhir 1320/ 24 September 1902, the anniversary of the birth of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH), in the small town of Khomein, some 160 kilometers to the southwest of the holy city of Qom.

The auspicious birth occurred when Iran and several other Muslim nations were plunging into political, social and moral crisis and decline. Iran had steadily grown weaker due to wrong policies of Qajar dynasty and influence of colonial powers in the region.

At this sensitive juncture of the history, British and the Soviet Russian colonial powers were also wrestling to entrench their steps and increase their influence over the historic land of Persia.

Imam Khomeini’s childhood had passed through a very tough circumstances and people were always waiting for a reformist who could revive the identity of the masses and relieve them form clutches of interior king dynasties and external powers.

Some five months after the Imam’s birth, his father Sayyid Mustafa was attacked and killed while traveling on the road between Khomein and the neighboring city of Arak. He was assassinated due to his support for impoverished people against the landlords and kings.

Imam completed his education with a great devotion in difficult times. Known for his strong political views against the regime, the security agents of Reza Khan, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, were ordered to restrict the Imam's activities. But the Imam continued his gradual but firm effort to spread his enlightening message to masses.

After the death of Ayatollah Borujerdi, the paramount shia leader of the time, the Imam was chosen his successor by the Islamic religious scholars and people. With this, his efforts against the monarchy gathered momentum in 1961, reaching a climax in 1963.

After decades of struggle, the Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged to victory. The Islamic-democratic system establish by the great Imam brought great status and confidence to the Iranian nation and rest of the Islamic world.


The analysts believe that Imam Khomeini restored dignity to the whole Muslim world and the oppressed nations around the globe. 

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