The Religious Minorities at Jamaran Husseinieh (Part II)

Imam Brought a Development to All Religions

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Imam Brought a Development to All Religions

Representatives of religious minorities emphasized on Imam’s aspiration of unity among the Iranian nation in their meeting with Sayyid Hassan Khomeini.

Representative of Tehran’s Armenians: Iran is among the countries what respect the religious minorities.
Rev. Nersians, representative of Tehran’s Armenians by mentioning that all religions follow one golden rule, named that rule “love” and said: “We should deliver the message of love which has been emphasized by all prophets, to all people that don’t have any official religions and do not know the God.”

He said: “One the signs of God’s love in Iran, is the existence of different religions which stood beside each other during the revolution and the 8 year war, and to them races and tribes and religion wasn’t a factor. They are all one and united and they all protected their country.”

Representative of Tehran’s Armenians stated: “Iran is among the countries what respect the religious minorities and their rights. If a Muslims sees a Christian is in need he’ll help him. So it’s with love that we show our religion to each other.”

The Assyrian’s Representative: Imam Brought a Development to All Religions
At the end of this ceremony, Vania Sergis from the Catholic Church, the representative of the Assyrians said: “It is right that we are a religious minority in Iran, but we are the original Iranians and we have lived in Iran before the Muslims came, I mean 2500 years before Islam and the Muslims came here.”

He emphasized on being Iranian and that they haven’t come to Iran from another place and said: “We do not seek pity and as all the other Iranians we have a parliament member who will defend from our rights.”

The Assyrian representative mentioned that when he entered the Husseinieh had another idea about its size and then compared the freedom before and after the revolution in Iran: “Some have said that before the revolution we had freedom in what to wear and using alcoholic drinks, but I remember very well that in those days because of being a clergy i had to resign from the ministry of Education.”

He continued: “During those days, they separated our tea cups because they believed that we are unclean. But after the revolution when I asked the Imam that could we use the same cups that the Muslims use and his response was positive, I just found the meaning of freedom.”

The representative of the Assyrians also told a memory from the last days of Imam and said: “When Imam was very sick, but he never quit from praying, at that point, I told myself, shame on me, Imam is still praising the God in this situation, but I that am healthy have forgotten God. Imam really proved that he has been sent by the God.”