The Religious Minorities at Jamaran Husseinieh (Part III)

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini: Believing in God is the Essence of Humanity

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Sayyid Hassan Khomeini: Believing in God is the Essence of Humanity

Hojatoleslam Sayyid Hassan Khomeini, who had attended among the religious leaders and scholars at the Jamaran Husseinieh, pointed to monotheism as the common point of all religions and stated: “Based on the Quranic verses, the followers of the divine books should all gather around one common point and that point is nothing but monotheism.”

According to Imam Khomeini’s Commemoration News Committee, He mentioned that worshiping God is the origin of all religions said: “A religion can’t be defined without God. All religions are made to help us know our God. Connecting to God is the only goal of our life. With being connected to God our life will be worthless.”

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini continued: “We are wondering drops that are floating in meaninglessness. We get our meaning when we are besides each other and under God’s blessing.”

Imam’s grandson said: “Religion is the greatest achievement of men. Being religious is the greatest success of mankind. Our relation with God is our greatest wealth. No matter what the religion is, the greatest message of them all is one thing and that is “The world has a God that without Him, the humans will be worthless.”

He added: “One who has God will see everything through the light of God and he will not feel poorness, because his heart will be lightened, his ears will be full of voices, voices not from the Alam-e-Nasut (Realm of Human) but from the Alam-e-Malakut (Angelic Realm). It is from God, so it could take humans to the far horizon so he could understand that he is not from this world of soil, but he’s from another world, a world that if it’s covers were gone, humans would’ve seen another kind of life.”

Sayyid Hassan mentioned that believing in God is the essence of humanity and stated: “I, as a person who has lived with Imam, have seen him believing in God in every instant of his life, he really believed that this world has a creator as God.”

At the end Sayyid Hassan said: “Knowing God is a divine blessed gift that we all could have. If the covers were gone, everyone would see that they could be optimistic to the future under the blessing of God.”