Imam predicted confrontation with fake version of religion

Imam predicted confrontation with fake version of religion

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar, Deputy of International Affairs of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, says Imam Khomeini had predicted a confrontation between followers of pure Islam and the backers of so-called American Islam.

Jamaran news agency has conducted an interview with Hojjat al-Islam Salar to know his views about the ongoing current affairs and unfolding development across the Muslim world. The rough transcript of the interview comes as under:

Question: What are root causes of division among the Muslim world and which factors are hindering unity among the Muslim societies?

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar: It seems necessary to point out to the historic saying by the founder of the Islamic Republic through which he had already envisaged a conflict between the devotees of pure Mohammadian Islam and followers of Takfiri version of religion which is now being promoted by Saudis and their backers in Washington administration. He described the House of Saudi monarchy and Takfiri terrorist groups as agent of Saudi regime who is playing into hands of and exploiting and colonial powers.

Question: How the Takfiri terrorist groups are tarnishing the image of peaceful divine religion?

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar: Saudi monarchy has been backing Takfiri militants, which are wreaking havoc across several countries especially in Iraq and Syria. Saudis have also launched aggression and airstrikes against Yemeni nation sine Mach last year. Saudi-backed Takfiri militant groups are resorting to terrorism and the violence in the name of Islam and Quran in order to tarnish the image of divine religion.

Question: What practical steps your Excellency suggest for establishment of real unity among the entire Muslim community?

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar: I will cite a Quranic verse through which God, the Almighty has addressed the holy prophet of as messenger of mercy, by saying, “We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind” The pure Islam represents divine mercy, politeness and kindness for all humanity. The unity can be established and solidarity can be promoted among the Muslims by highlighting commonalities and inviting Muslims to be united under the banner of Islam. It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini occasionally through his speeches and messages exposed the conspiracies hatched and crimes committed by House of Saud against the entire Muslim Ummah.

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