Imam’s spirituality, spirituality transformed world

Imam’s spirituality, rationality transformed world

Imam Khomeini’s was a matchless figure and his divine personality has had comprehensive dimensions.

Imam was a revolutionary, politician, philosopher, poet, mystic and a great jurist of the contemporary history. Imam’s school of thought and ideals were originated from his rational and spiritual aspects and perspectives.  With regarding rationality, Imam established Islamic-democratic system following the victory of the Islamic Revolution under his leadership in 1979. He also sought a massive participation of people in all governmental, cultural, religious and social affairs.  

Imam held a historic referendum since the establishment of system to earn the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic by the people and masses. In recent decades, Iran has held dozens of elections to elect presidents, lawmakers and members of the Assembly of Experts. 

Another outcome of Imam rational practices was appointing a panel of lawmakers and experts who could design a constitution for the country, and then the charter was put to the public vote.  Imam repeatedly reminded the officials and authorities that they also must observe the rule of law and practices of good governance. 

He also restored self-confidence to the Iranian elites and public at all levels. Against the wishes of colonial powers, the Iranians felt that they were capable and could advance in all fields, including education, scientific, medical, art, engineering and all other fields.

As a result, Iran made wonderful progress and shared its scientific experiences with other oppressed national and the entire Muslim world.  The developments came several decades after Iran had suffered under several monarchies and dictatorial regime such as regime of Shah whose were overthrow by the people under Imam’s leadership.

The colonial had powers spared no efforts to exploit the Iranian resources during the Pahlavi regime. Imam’s didn’t confined and restricted his message to Iran and declared that the revolution belong to all Muslim community and the oppressed nations across the world.  He took distance and strongly denounced the exploiting policies being practiced by the Eastern or the Western colonial powers.

Imam defended the rights of Palestinians and raised the issue at the international forums. He raised awareness among the regional and the world people and exposed the crimes the Israeli regime was committing against Palestinians.  Imam’s rationality and his spirituality has had deep roots in divine sources such as Quran, and was inspired by the teachings and practices of the holy prophet of Islam and his truthful successors.

His rational, spiritual and emotional perspectives transformed the world in contemporary era, as oppressed people from across the world rallied around him and continue to pledge allegiance with his divine ideals. 

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