Australian tourist praises Imam Khomeini leadership

Australian tourist praises Imam Khomeini leadership

An Australian tourist has praised the unprecedented leadership of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Robert, a tourist from Australia, made remarks during a visit to Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine, which is located on the outskirts of the Iranian capital Tehran.

He went onto say that Imam Khomeini led the revolution to victory in 1979 by relying on divine power and the wide support of mass public.

Robert also pointed out that he had become acquainted with Imam Khomeini’s works by reading translation of his books.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Australian tourist denounced the Western media for launching anti-Iran propaganda campaign.

The tourist concluded by saying that he has found the Iranian nation as a very kind and hospitable.

It is worth to mention that Imam Khomeini’s shrine is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims from across Iran and various parts of the world each year. The holy site has become center of religious, social, and cultural activities in recent years.

Imam’s divine personality and ideals are increasingly becoming popular among followers of various divine religions.

Imam invited the leaders and followers of all religions to stand against the colonial policies of exploiting powers and defend their own rights and the rights of the oppressed nations.

Experts believe that Imam’s dynamic thought and ideals raised awareness and awakening among nations at a time when the world had been plunged into moral decline. Imam’s divine personality and his academic legacy will continue to guide the next generations for centuries to come.

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