Al-Mostafa University students visit Imam’s historic residence

Al-Mostafa University students visit Imam’s historic residence

A group of foreign students from al-Mosstafa International University have visited Imam Khomeini’s historic visit to Imam Khomeini’s historic residence.

The foreign students from various countries visited simply-built residence which is located in northern Tehran’s district of Jamaran. The university hosts hundreds of foreign students acquiring knowledge in various disciplines of Islamic Studies.

They were deeply impressed by simple life style adopted by the late founder of the Islamic Republic. Imam Khomeini opted to live at the small house after becoming founder of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The students were also briefed about Jamaran Hossainiah, a place for religious and spiritual gatherings where Imam used to receive thousands of people from various walks of life and address them on daily bases.   

They were explained about objects which are kept at a nearby art gallery. The objects depict the history of the Islamic Revolution.

Simply-built ancestral residences of Imam in Qom and Khomein are visited by thousands of intellectuals, pilgrims and tourists each year.

Imam Khomeini’s academic legacy is becoming part of curriculum at international universities and seminaries in various parts of the world in recent year. Imam’s divine-oriented personality and genuine teachings of Islam promoted by him have attracted attentions of academic scholar, seminary and university students and youth.


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