Foreign tourists laud Imam Khomeini’s simple life-style

Foreign tourists laud Imam Khomeini’s simple life-style

A group of foreign tourists have visited Imam Khomeini’s simply-built historic residence which is located in Tehran’s northern district of Jamaran.

They visited the small and simply-built historic house where Imam Khomeini opted to live after becoming founder of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The tourists were deeply impressed by divine-oriented life style of the late founder of the Islamic Republic. 

They were also briefed about a nearby Hosseiniah, a place for religious gatherings, where Imam used to receive officials and people from various echelon of the society almost on daily basis. 

The tourists also visited a nearby art gallery where Imam Khomeini’s works and objects regarding the history of the Islamic revolution are kept.

Imam’s ancestral residence in his hometown of Khomein, and simply-built houses in cities of Qom and Tehran are visited by thousands of pilgrims, tourists and intellectual from across Iran and the world each year.

The contemporary Muslim world leader was against any luxurious life-style and used to describe himself as a servant to the nation.

Imam, who was blessed with divine wisdom and had well command over a variety of discipline of knowledge, set up patterns of simple life-style which remains appealing for truth-seekers and followers of all divine religion around the globe.

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