Imam Khomeini promoted universal message of holy prophet

Imam Khomeini promoted universal message of holy prophet

According to Imam Khomeini, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), who was shadow of God on earth, was appointed and assigned by God with the universal message for all humanity and manknind.

His mission was foretold by all previous divine prophets over the different parts of the world. The holy prophet of Islam preached genuine divine teachings and promoted brotherhood among mankind at the time when the world had been plunged into moral and social decline.

Imam Khomeini through his theological works and historic speeches and messaged praised the holy prophet of Islam and his pure progeny (peace be upon them).  The founder of the Islamic Republic invited the whole Islamic community to follow footsteps of the honorable prophet of Islam Hadrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his infallible successors. 

The holy prophet of Islam left behind the "Thaqalayn" (the holy Qur'an and his pure progeny) for the guidance of the Muslims and the whole world. Imam Khomeini frequently maintained that the holy prophet and infallible successors taught mankind practical lesson, to live in peace, which is a key to prosperity in this world and brings about salvation for hereafter.

Imam Khomeini urged the whole humanity to comprehend the moral and Islamic values promoted by the holy prophet of Islam.

Imam Khomeini regarded the dissemination of principles of morality and spirituality among nations as the major purpose of the holy prophet’s mission.

Promotion of moral values also constituted one main concern of all Divine Messengers.

The holy prophet said in one of his traditions that he was sent and assigned to complete and promote the best moral and ethical values. Imam Khomeini revived these genuine teachings. 

Mab’ath (Holy Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him and his progeny, official appointment to the Prophetic Mission) signals the turning point in the history of the world as the Seal of Messengers with the final revelation was finally brought into this material world.

Disgusted with the corruption and ignorance all around, Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH) used to retire to the Cave of Hera, in a mountain a few kilometers from Mecca, meditating Allah"s Majesty and worshipping Him. 

On that day he was in the cave of Hira, and the Angel Gabriel came to him conveying to him the following message of Allah: “Read in the name of thy Lord Who created, Created man from a clot (of congealed blood): Read and thy Lord is most Bountiful, He Who taught with the pen, taught man that which he knew not.” (The Holy Qur'an, 96:1-5).

The angel Gabriel came to Mohammad in the Hira cave bringing him the message of God Almighty, telling him he was appointed as the last prophet to guide mankind out of ignorance.

On the same pattern, Imam Khomeini also followed footsteps of the holy prophet and coordinated the struggles of the Iranian people against the Shah’s despotic regime to advance the goals of Islam.

The great leader continued the struggle until establishment of the sacred Islamic system, which guarantees the freedom of the people, civil liberties, independence and implementation of social justice.

In accordance with Quranic verses and teaching, Imam Khomeini on several occasions stressed on following the holy prophet as a role model for the whole humanity. 

Imam Khomeini also frequently maintained that the holy prophet of Islam was assigned with relieving oppressed people from clutches of exploiting powers.

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