Imam used to issue guidelines about national issues on Nowruz

Imam used to issue guidelines about national issues on Nowruz

On arrival of the new Iranian year, Imam Khomeini in his historic messages issued on the occasion of New Iranian years used to recommend the faithful people to ponder over the divine power and rebirth of nature which reminds us of the divine power.

Imam  through his historic speeches and messages used to  and the problems gripping various Muslim countries.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Muslim world, also recommended for believers to enhance their spiritual qualities and divine characteristics during the spring which is revival of nature. 

Imam also used to warn about the aggressive policies of colonial powers they were exercising against oppressed nations.

Nowruz is the traditional Iranian festival of spring which commences the start of the spring. It is considered as the start of the New Year among Iranians.

Some parts from one of Imam’s historic speech on the occasion of Nowruz comes as following:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Manifestation of the nation's resistance

I congratulate the approach of New Year to all worlds Muslims, particularly the heroic people of Iran and different layers of the nation and those engaged of serving Islam in warfronts, those serving in behind the frontlines, the families of martyrs, the war disabled, their relatives and all. God willing, this year will be auspicious for the Muslims of the world and God Almighty will ordain the hands of the superpowers and those affiliated to them would be curtailed and the people of the world would live in peace.

All problems of the world are due to these big powers who claim that they are doing these works for peace. They commit so much crime, drown countries in blood and claim that they cannot see human rights being trampled. These are mere claims and have no reality. Contrast of this is the reality. Muslims are neglectful. Oppressed peoples of the world are neglectful. If people of other Muslim countries join in the rays emerging in Iran and all shake hand and stand against so many crimes perpetrated against human beings and humanity, the works would be mended. Unfortunately, however, this work has not been accomplished and I do not know what will happen. I hope that God Almighty grant us power to resist. Today, resistance is necessary. The holy Prophet) May God's peace be upon him and his progeny (was concerned as to whether his people would resist or not. Although the verse has been mentioned in another Sourah or chapter, it does not have what follows this verse. This indicates that the Prophet) s (appeared to be concerned over whether his people would God forbid refuse to resist. The Iranian people, government, army, revolutionary guards corps and all layers of people should note that resistance in the face of oppression and these big powers is among the issues that has been prescribed. It is resistance against the enemy. It has been ordained to resist. If you put up resistance, you will be victorious. Thank God, Iran and many of the layers of people are characterized by this feature. I do not forget the incident of Friday when people displayed that glorious resistance brilliantly. I observed the people displaying dignity amid those sounds with those showers of guns. I was particularly watching to see the people's conditions. I did not see even a single one to be unstable and shaky. Then the Fridayprayers leader spoke with those vociferous voices. »

« The people responded and crying that they seek martyrdom. I was told that one of those who achieved martyrdom in the event had already said his last will, in which he has written that when I participate in the Friday prayers ceremonies, I say my last will. He was martyred in the same place. One cannot challenge such a nation. Such people cannot be challenged. When it is announced that they planned to bombard the Friday prayers site, people come in greater number to say their prayers in congregation. Even those who did not attend the prayers in previous weeks, as I have been narrated, participated this week. They are such a nation. Such a people cannot be dissuaded by virtue of bombardment and mischief the enemy commits. Why should the people give up his idea? They are working for Islam which is a trust in our hand. Islam has been born in early days of Islam with pain and suffering. Whatever Islam has proceeded, it has experienced hardship."

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