Five amazing facts about Arbaeen walk as pointed by leader

Five amazing facts about Arbaeen walk as pointed by leader

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei once said rbaeen rally is truly an unprecedented event, not only in our own times but also in history.

The leader shed the light on the subject as following: 

We do not know of any similar gathering in history which is organized more warmly every year. It is unprecedented.

1. Our dear Iraqi brother’s hospitality towards the pilgrims of Imam Hussain is matchless

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the great Iranian nation, I would like to thank you mokebdaran [caterers of pilgrims on the way to Karbala] who perfected the meaning of generosity, affection, and kindness during the days of Arbaeen. Also, I would like to thank the great Iraqi nation and the Iraqi government officials who ensured the safety of pilgrims and who prepared the ground. In particular, I really deem it necessary to thank the esteemed religious scholars and the grand Marja taqlids of Iraq who prepared the ground for pilgrimage and for brotherhood between masses of the people and between our two nations.  

What they narrate to us about the behavior of you dear Iraqi brothers at the mawakeb [places set up to cater Hussaini pilgrims] on the way to Karbala and your generous behavior towards Hussaini pilgrims are things which are unprecedented. Such things are unprecedented in today’s world. The Arbaeen rally is unprecedented in history: such is your generous behavior, in the true sense of the word! You have shown Islamic and Arabian generosity through your conduct and your actions and all originate from the love of the Master of Martyrs (pbuh), from the love of Hussain ibn Ali.  

You do these things because you greatly love Imam Hussain (pbuh). You wash the feet of Hussaini pilgrims, you help their bodies when exposed to extreme fatigue. You massage them, feed them and give them places to sleep because they are the pilgrims of Hussain. This love for Hussain ibn Ali is an extraordinary matter. We do not know of similar events anywhere in the world and at any time in the world. I hope that Allah the Exalted will make you and I, have more of this love in our hearts.  

Of course, the opportunity that you have in this regard is a blessing that God has bestowed on you. The blessing that you have at your disposal to cater to the guests of Imam Hussain (pbuh) is a very valuable phenomenon. This is a divine blessing. This is divine mercy that should be appreciated and I know that you already appreciate it.

Arbaeen rally is truly an unprecedented event, not only in our own times but also in history. We do not know of any similar gathering in history which is organized more warmly every year. It is unprecedented. This Hussain movement is influential in raising awareness about Imam Hussain (pbuh). With the rally that primarily takes place between Najaf and Karbala every year, Arbaeen has become global. The people all over the world are glued to this movement. Imam Hussain (pbuh) and Hussaini knowledge have become global thanks to this great popular movement.

2. Hussain Ib Ali’s (pbuh) rationale is the rationale of defending the Truth

Today, we need to get the world to know Hussain ibn Ali. The world – which is suffering from oppression, corruption, malevolence, and vice – needs to know the Hussaini liberation spirit and sentiment. Today, the hearts of people throughout the world and the hearts of youth and innocent nations beat for such a truth. If Imam Hussain (pbuh) is introduced to the world, it is actually Islam and the Quran which have been introduced.


Today, they propagandize against Islam and Islamic teachings with hundreds of means. Against this hostile move made by the camp of kufr and arrogance, it is the movement of Hussaini understanding which can single-handedly resist, stand firm and introduce the truth of Islam and of the Quran to the world.


The logic of Hussain ibn Ali (pbuh) is the logic of defending the truth and resistance against oppression, transgression, deviation, and arrogance. This is the logic of Imam Hussain. Today, the world needs this logic. Today, the world is witness to the rule of kufr, arrogance, and corruption. The world is witness to the rule of oppression. The message of Imam Hussain is the salvation of the world. The great movement of Arbaeen conveys this message to the whole world and by Allah’s favor and grace, this movement should be strengthened on a daily basis.


3. The magnificent Arbaeen rally is a sign that the Will of Allah has opted to assist the Islamic Ummah

Arbaeen has become global and it will be more so in the future. This is the blood of Hussain ibn Ali which is boiling after the passage of 1,400 years! This blood will become fresher and livelier on a daily basis. This is the message of Ashura which was issued from the throat of Abi Abdullah [Imam Hussain] and of Zaynab al-Kubra (pbuh) at the height of their loneliness! Today, this message has imbued the whole world. Hussain (pbuh) belongs to humanity. We Shias are proud of being the followers of Imam Hussain, but Imam Hussain does not only belong to us. Islamic denominations, Shia and Sunni, are all standing under the flag of Imam Hussain. Even those who do not follow Islam participate in this rally and this will continue, God willing.


This is a great sign which is being shown by Allah the Exalted. At a time when the enemies of Islam and the enemies of the Islamic Ummah are working against the Islamic Ummah with all sorts of weapons – with money, politics, and guns – all of a sudden, Allah the Exalted gives such greatness and significance to the Arbaeen rally! This is a great sign of God. This is a sign of the divine will to help the Islamic Ummah. This shows that the Will of Allah the Exalted has opted to help the Islamic Ummah.


4. Arbaeen rally can be an expressive means of the actualization of the Islamic Civilization

Today, Islamic nations have thankfully awakened. The Iraqi nation is a great, dignified, cultured and determined nation. In recent events, Iraqi youth have shown that they have the power to protect their nation and their country against global plots. This is very valuable. The youth of Iraq managed to destroy the domestic plot which could have led to a civil war in Iraq. The plot hatched by Daesh and the takfiri group was no small plot. They spent massive amounts of money. They formulated plans to turn Iraq – one of the main Arab and Islamic countries – into a battlefield and to pit Shias against Sunnis.


With the fatwa issued by the grand Marja taqlids of Iraq, Iraqi youth managed to show resistance and to foil this plot. This was not a minor achievement and feat! The great Iraqi nation can help its country reach the peak of dignity. These capacities should be put into practice. If the capacities of Islamic countries – the capacities of Iran, Iraq and other countries in West Asia and North Africa – are gathered together and if they join hands and are tied together, then the Islamic Ummah will show what divine dignity means! It will show the great Islamic civilization to global societies. Our goal should be this and this Arbaeen rally can prove to be an influential means to that end.


5. Arbaeen rally creates more bond and unity among Muslim brethren

People from tens of countries participate in Arbaeen rally and they become the guests of the people of Iraq. We should try to strengthen the already firm bonds between Muslim brothers: the bond between Iraqis and non-Iraqis, the bond between Shia and Sunni, and the bond between Arabs, Fars, Turks, and Kurds. These bonds are a source of bliss. They are a sign of divine mercy. The enemy is trying to create discord, but he has failed and by Allah’s favor and grace, he will continue to fail.


We – Iran and Iraq – are two nations that are interconnected. Our bodies, our hearts, and our souls are connected together. What has created this connection is faith in Allah and love for Ahlul Bayt (pbut) and for Hussain ibn Ali (pbuh). And by Allah’s favor, this will increase on a daily basis. The enemies will hatch plots, but it will be of no avail. From the beginning of the Islamic Revolution until today, it has been 40 years that the US, its cohorts, its agents, and its mercenaries have been scheming and doing various activities. They spend money, issue threats, and impose sanctions.


However, despite their foolish desires, in the past 40 years, the Islamic Republic has changed from a thin sapling to a strong tree: “Whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches reach to the heavens.” [The Holy Quran, 24: 14] [Audience chant death to America and death to Israel]. I hope that by Allah’s favor, the slogan that you are chanting against the US and the Zionist regime and against the enemies and the arrogant will be realized in a not-too-distant future. And by Allah’s favor, you will succeed in doing that.


September 18, 2019

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